Sunday, September 27, 2015

English -- HILARION September 27-October 4, 2015

September 27-October 4, 2015

Beloved Ones,

The world is in a far reaching transition into a higher level of consciousness and this is a difficult time for many as the changes within occur. The people of Earth are asked to let go of all previous expectations in regards to how their lives in the material realm should look like and to be so obsessed with it. Each individual needs to spend time alone to readjust and revaluate those areas of their lives, particularly looking at where their personal energy is being utilized. It is a time to look at self as the creator of all that one is experiencing. It is time to take responsibility for all choices made individually and collectively. This can be overwhelming to one who wants to live true to self yet still live their material life and interact with the others around them. It is difficult to move past the self and society imposed limitations that have beset them and to really focus on creating a peaceful and prosperous life. However, this is what will be addressed from this point on.

As one chooses to live according to the dictates of their heart rather than their intellect, it will bring greater satisfaction to every area of their life. People will start to enjoy each moment they are experiencing rather than being focused on the ‘someday or sometime’ in which they will begin to enjoy it. There will be a reevaluation of their quest to acquire the things which this world offers in order that they be happy once they get it. Instead, their focus will shift to their inner world and consciousness, stretching and expanding their previous beliefs about what is possible, and will thereby find their personal freedom. They will free themselves by utilizing their personal energies towards the reality they want to experience and will take the necessary steps to make it possible without sentencing themselves to a greater debt and work load. This will be a liberating experience as they realize they really did not need all the things they thought they did in order to find happiness in their personal lives.

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